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A Guide To Dance Studio Trends in 2022

When the data from over various dance studios across the globe was compiled and analyzed, the experts for dance studio software noticed certain trends on the rise. Being an owner of a dance studio, the following are some of the trends that you should be aware of when planning for the 2022-2023 dance season:

  • Enhanced security and protections

The past few years have forced the owners of dance studios to reconsider the ways of doing business. In response, we have seen a growing trend to update dance studio policies and procedures. Interestingly enough, dance studio owners did not stop at updating policies and procedures associated with coronavirus. 2022 Benchmark Report data demonstrates a growing trend in updating or changing policies regarding expectations for absences, make ups, tuition, late fees, and a lot more.

As always, Dipme team strived to make this even more streamlined and flexible for dance studios by allowing owners to create custom policies for class types, sessions, or levels. Not only are policies applicable to the enrollments of their students, but communicating new policies with parents is simpler than ever before.

  • Renew focus on customer service

Customer service always plays a crucial role when it comes to making or breaking a dance studio. Stumbling on new techniques to connect with families over the last couple of years was a wonderful reminder that creating a positive customer experience should always be top of mind.

In the same ways that dance studios created new revenue streams with the help of a dance studio management software, at the same time, they made connections with their customers stronger with added benefits and new technology. This generation of parents is all for the tech so why not meet them where they are?

  • Empower and enable staff

2021 was a tough year when it came to staff recruitment and retention. However, that did not stop studio owners from refocusing efforts on the ways to build a positive studio culture, enabling to work efficiently, and the ways to retain staff for the long run.

To better support the growing trend of better supporting and managing staff, Dipme has evolved the way staff can track their availability and time off to assist studio owners in scheduling throughout the season. Later this year, the specialists for dance apps will be able to solve the ways to better track substitutes and deal with appointments for studio staff and parents.

  • Offer flexible billing and payment options

When it comes to collecting income from your families, here is what we know - the simpler it is for parents to make payments, the quicker you will get paid.

Some time ago, some powerful billing features, including automated tuition posting and processing, as well as more robust registration fee options were introduced. Not only did the clients embrace the automation to make lives simpler on their families but they reaped the benefits by seeing money in the bank much quicker.

Dipme is one of the best apps that help take online dance classes to the next level with its premium and easy to use features. Try out today!