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A Guide To Handling The Obtainability Of Dance Instructors

From instructors to owners to administration, the entire staff at a dance studio play a unique role in the lives of dancers and their families. You get to see a candidate and their families. When it comes to handling the obtainability of dance instructor, dance studio software makes the process effortless. The following are a few things to remember while scheduling the staff:

Plan in advance

As you take time to go over the reports of previous month, assess the staff scheduling. Did one instructor work a substantial amount more than others? Is there a connection between high attendance classes and a particular teacher? By looking at these reports, you can make educated decisions for future staffing.

When the unavoidable takes place - an instructor calls out sick or a front desk staff member’s car will not start, have a backup plan. Whether you’ve got a list of trusted instructors to alternative or a cancellation policy that lets your parents reschedule the class of their child, have a plan to ensure that your families will not show up to an empty dance studio.

Create a list

You know the ones who have lists for their lists? You do not have to go that far, but keeping a list of staff preferences, limited availability, or who is willing to pick up additional shifts can make scheduling a breeze. Write your list on paper, keep it in an excel document, create on notes tab, or add a task on the dashboard of dance studio management software, whatsoever is your organizational preference.


Communication is one of the biggest signs of staff satisfaction. When you start your onboarding process, ensure that your new instructors are familiar with the process for class scheduling. How far in advance is next season’s schedule created? When should they have their requests to you? How is the schedule sent out when it is finalized? When it comes to managing the staff, these are all essential details to note.

Utilize Avant-Garde Technology

The most promising approach to manage the availability of dance instructor is to make use of technology to your advantage. Not only can the right piece of technology allow you to streamline your scheduling process, but it allows the staff to manage their own schedule as well.

Dipme can be used to manage every aspect of your dance studio and allows you to quickly see which classes you have coming up, see the availability of your staff, schedule shifts, and communicate with other dance tutors. It even allows the staff to adjust their own obtainability, put in time-off requests, and view the upcoming schedule, making scheduling a breeze.

Dealing with the obtainability of a dance instructor can be an overwhelming task. With a little pre-planning, a little communication, and lowering possibilities of human mistakes with a little technology, you can make it a much simpler task.

Dipme is one of the most promising dance apps that you can count on when it comes to managing the entire dance studio flawlessly.

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