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Added Value From Dance Studio Management Software

When you bring comprehensive dance studio management software into play designed with the needs of dance studios in view, you will be capable of spending additional time on the kinds of innovative and community-oriented tasks that only you can perform. The software solution will deal with the management tasks that you would rather keep away from having to do, anyway. You may not even realize how many administrative tasks can be automated, but when you do, we are pretty sure you will not be wistfully thinking that you would miss doing them if you did not have to bother.

Automated Administrative Tasks

Dipme is a software solution that frees you up by automating a lot of administrative functions, and if we had to select out favorite one, we would mention the registration aspect. Visualize this: the complete registration process is automated. Parents sign up their own kids and pay by means of the parent portal. All contact and scheduling data is updated in real time, allowing management and staff to easily access it whenever they need.

Family contact information is always updated across all portals. And no one needs to pester parents regarding payments or manually update files: instead, automated monthly payments will easily be processed without any staff intervention. For families who opt out of automated payments, the system can be set up to send out reminder emails as well follow-ups regarding any late payments.

Easy-to-Access Updates

Whether data comes into your dance studio software program from the parent portal, the staff portal, or the management portal, it is right away accessible to any person for whom the information should be visible and all in real time. You just can’t re-create such sort of streamlined communication and integration across tools, when you are making use of a hodge podge of free tools and generic software.

Financial Advantages

Being an owner of a dance studio, you will be capable of seeing key revenue information whenever you log in, right there on your dashboard, the 1st screen you will have in front of your eyes. Add in comprehensive reporting features, and you will be capable of viewing prevailing trends as well as cash flow projections.

The majority of dance studios - almost two out of every three - take in fees between $40 and $80 per dancer per month. While one of every three dance studios pays less than $60 per month for management software solution and another one out of there still pays $100 or less, which translates into the revenue from just 1 - 2 candidates making the management software for the dance studio worthwhile.

Take into account that by automating several administrative functions, you are already decreasing the overhead expenses in the way of staff hours; by providing more possible means of generating revenue as well as attracting new candidates, the expense of solution for online dance classes is easily made up.

Dipme offers the most significant value by freeing you up to do what you do the best. Check out the additional features of this dance studio management solution today!