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Encourage A Flawless Work Strategy With Your Dance Studio Management Software

Change is a word that easily feels negative for a lot of people but, so many wonderful things have come from it. We have seen it across the majority of platforms we use on a daily basis, such as Facebook, Google, and even our smartphones. While the enhancement made to the use interface changed the look of Dipme, a top-rated dance software management solution, the functionality that is always been there still exists plus added bonuses throughout.

For the reason that the customers of Dipme are continuing to grow, we are here to grow with you and provide you with the best version of Dipme yet.

Each of the freshly designed pages comes equipped with options for single record updates, mass actions, and a lot more. These pages work in the same way in functionality, keeping workflows consistent and the approach to work strategies smart.

Account updates and communication

There is a wonderful platform to work from any time you need to update an account of any family, post a fee or a payment, update multiple accounts at once, or email one or many families at one time. Not only are all of these tasks performed from one place, but you can even make sure that you do not lose your place as new tabs open when an action is taken.

With this feature in this promising dance studio software, you can:

  • Assess which sources of referral are the strongest
  • Quickly add a brand-new account of a family
  • Email one, many, or all families at one time
  • Clear family user-defined fields utilized to capture additional information for a new season and collection
  • Allocate or clear out family membership type for one family or more
  • Update or remove a family fixed fee for one or more families
  • Assign, edit, or remove family discounts for a select group of families
  • Update or remove the e-Payment schedule for a group of families
  • Process a payment or credit on an account
  • Post fees to an account of a family

You can see, office staff could probably complete most of their tasks from this page while the office of your dance studio is open during class time.

Work with enrollment and student data

Coordinating student enrollment does not stop for youth activity centers. Even if you are not deep in registration season, students might be adding classes to their schedule, asking for the schedule for next season.

  • Beyond enrolling students, this feature can help you:
  • View how many classes and hours each student takes per week
  • Clear student user-defined fields used to capture additional information for a new season and collection
  • Update or remove a student fixed fee for one or more students
  • Add a note to one student or many students at once
  • Report on absences or attendance trends for a specific student

Student updates may not be something you can do to en masse, Dipme is one of the best dance apps that help you perform several different tasks as a huge time-saver!