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Exploring The Dance Class Management Feature Of Dipme

Dipme is one of the leading dance studio software solutions that deliver dynamic calendars to make it very much effortless to visualize classes in a daily, weekly, or monthly “room” format.

You see real-time counts for make-ups, absences, openings and future enrollment. You can simply view classes scheduled for your dance studio by time and room. Information automatically updates so it stays up to date.

Calendar views display instructor and their classes, which helps you stay organized and on top of class size by reviewing classes by day, weeks or month.

Support Multiple Dance Studios

You can make use of Dipme at an unlimited number of locations and facilities. Dance coaches at every location can log in and access the software without any hassles. You more easily coordinate operations across locations as you improve communication and review information by location for your dance school as a whole.

In addition, you can get payment processing at each location as well. There is no large upfront investment or hardware that you need to purchase and no software to install. It helps you progress as you grow and add locations. Dipme is accessible at any of your locations so you can coordinate operations throughout the business at no additional cost. As your business grows, Dipme supports and grows with you.

Track Attendance

Attendance tracking makes it simple to see if dancers are qualified for make-ups. Dipme is one of the top-rated dance studio management software solutions that make it easy to record absences and make-ups. You can stay on top of attendance by generating absence or make-up reports for any date range, including student and class information.

You can even take automation to the next level by making use of barcodes to scan in students for attendance.

Review Enrollment

Enrollment is simplified and organized by Dipme. You can simply copy a session of classes or camps and maintain enrollment from previous sessions. “Per day” class type can be used for classes and camps that meet multiple days per week. The software allows for “per day” enrollment.

In addition, you can easily track, view and review drops, waitlists, trial students and future enrollment.

Manage Private Lessons

Families can review lists of private lessons, available dates and times and register online. The process is as simple as for regular classes. After they register, families receive automatic email confirmations.

Track Skills

Monitor and record student dance skills, progress, successes and notes. Families view this skill data through the parent portal. Skill tracking reports can include skills, descriptions, notes, location and category or style.

Email Communications

Use email to communicate with parents, current students, prospective students and staff. You save time and money as you grow your dance studio with better communication. You turn to email to communicate everything from schedules to your marketing message to new students.

Are you also in search of a promising solution that will help manage your online dance classes effortlessly? Dipme is the one that you need to try out today!