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Is It The Right Time To Bring Management Software To Your Dance Studio?

A lot of people are already aware of the features of dance studio management software, but they are not aware whether it is the right time to bring it to their dance studio. The following are the two indications that you could use the help of a software solution like Dipme. If you find that any of the following remind you of your situation, it is probably time.

Communicating takes up a large part of your time

If you feel like this, your dancers definitely do, as well. There is an easier way. By making use of Dipme, you will keep your dancers in the loop, easily. You can select the way you would like information to be delivered and how often your studio is reaching out. Dancers can also sign up for alerts, providing them with control over how many messages they receive.

Some of the alerts include:

  • Registration alerts - Inform current and former dancers when online registration is available
  • Payment reminders - Notify dancers of overdue payments or expired credit cards
  • Cancelled classes - Let dancers know when weather or a sick teacher causes a last-minute cancellation
  • Event promotion - Notify your list of upcoming open houses, camps, recitals, competitions, or other events
  • Progress reports - Let parents know how their kids are performing or the new skills they learned in classes that week

With better communication through dance software management solution by Dipme, you keep every person involved, without the additional effort of constant manual communication.

You can’t keep track of finances

As your studio grows, finances turn out to be even more complex. Juggling different payment methods across multiple systems that do not sync with one another - such as cash in person, an ACH provider, another credit card processor, and a mobile payment tool - can quickly spiral out of hand, risking your predicted cash flow and financial information of customers in the process. If you are experiencing this issue, it is time to stumble on a more integrated solution.

Dipme is a perfect solution for your dance studio that can also provide you with a high-level overview of your present finances, in addition to details regarding your cash flow. In other words, it keeps track of the movement of money coming in and going out of your business. Having a system that keeps an eye of your financing allows you to keep all of your information in one place. Everything is kept on one could-based system, capable of being analyzed by your team with the click of a button.

With the help of a reliable management solution like Dipme, you will be capable of dealing with your financial data and payment without any hassles and difficulties.

If you are all set to grow your dance studio in a sustainable manner, a software solution for your online dance classes such as Dipme can certainly get you there. It does not just help out but it revolutionizes the way you manage the ongoing success and growth of your studio!