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Top Exciting Modules Of A Dance Studio Management Software

Here at Dipme, we can spend a lot of time letting you be familiar with regarding the way out dance studio management software can help your dance studio to operate more smoothly - but we would rather let our existing users inform you. The owner of one of the top-rated dance studios told us regarding some of the much loved modules of his dance studio and the way they are helping the dance studio to grow more efficiently.

Seeing constant improvement and increased efficiency as core values that his organization shares with Dipme, he began by explaining what he would consider the top three modules of the software solution. But those are not just the features he credits with helping transform the functions of the dance studio to a paperless, well-organized operation. Check out the modules mentioned below the industry experts find helpful in Dipme.

Parent Portal
As you are very well aware of the fact that the majority of dance studios’ we serve realize from the beginning that offering Online Registration would be an advantage to parents of their dance studio. The Parent Portal has also been well-received by parents, and they credit it with the growth of their dance studio has experienced over the years that they have utilized Dipme.
This customer-facing tool has a fresh look that he realizes greatly improves the usability of the features that are part of this one of the leading dance studio software solutions. Not only does this benefit parents, but it even helps alleviate the workload on staff members, who no longer need to be contacted whenever parents have questions regarding their accounts.

Recital Module
Your dance studio recital is, understandably, the crowning achievement of your year. Dipme has a Recital Module that has been designed exclusively to help your dance studio to keep recital details organized. One of the specialists of a leading dance studio appreciated the way it allows them to maintain control of the entire events associated with the recital. They have also appreciated the customizable sign in sheets that can be personalized to be utilized for either specific performances or the recital as a whole.

Idea Portal
A unique and fairly new feature, Dipme’s Idea Portal is available to each of the members take full advantage of online dance classes, putting the power of future features into the hands of the users of this dance studio just like you. The industry experts appreciate being capable of seeing the ideas that other users of Dipme have for enhancements and having a vote in which ones are prioritized for development. Notes are the primary feature to be birthed from Dipme’s Idea portal and hold much potential value for Dance Studios.

To sum it up, the majority of reputed dance studios love the way Dipme serves their organization. After years of partnering with one of the leading dance apps, they can truly say, Dipme is always there for them. Its support of their dance studio and attention to their needs is simply awesome.
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