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Dipme is dedicated to dance communities and provides effective solutions for their resource planning needs.

Easy Payment

We provide the strategic guidance to help you generate easy and fast transactions, make instant payments through our secure network and receive your funds faster than ever.

Event Planning

Every community has recurring events. We have designed and implemented an events template so that you can create and plan months in advance with minimum effort.

Reporting Tools

Community data including payment transactions, membership, attendance and more are displayed in graphic reports and downloadable in pdf and excel for easy analysis.

Mobile App

Download the iOS app, browse, book and pay the events. When you arrive to the event, check in through the app and bypass the desk.


Once you are a member of a studio, you'll get exclusive offers and notifications for further events. With membership, you'll stay in touch with your community more than ever.

Marketing Tools

Email and SMS module will help you to target private messages to your specific groups. You'll reach your audience in a more efficient way and let them know about your events.